Dental Imaging

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Dental Imaging

Digital X-rays

Advancement in dental technology has improved dental health treatments and techniques. Thanks to modern scientific developments you can receive dental treatment without the pain and time associated with old-fashioned dentistry. Dental technology is even being developed to make dental X-rays safer and more convenient.

Dental imaging is an advanced procedure that depends on the extent of radiation penetrating through your dental structures. When visiting Bell Tower Dental Care, you will undergo an evaluation to identify dental issues that you may be experiencing. In most cases, the type of X-ray used can deliver instant results, making it convenient for our dentist to identify the problem and determine a treatment.

Digital Dental X-rays

The physical process for digital radiography is actually similar to traditional dental X-rays that use film: With digital radiography, our dentist inserts a sensor into your mouth to capture images of your teeth. Although it resembles the film used for bitewings and other X-rays, the digital sensor is electronic and connected to a computer. Once the X-ray is taken, the image is projected on a screen for our dentist to view.

Benefits of Digital Dental X-rays

Less Radiation: The equipment used in digital radiography exposes you to much less radiation. While conventional dental X-rays are relatively safe, digital radiography is an excellent option for patients who take X-rays on a regular basis or if you are concerned about radiation.

Higher Quality Images: The standard size of traditional X-rays can make viewing difficult, but digital radiography has improved this particular concern. Once on the screen, digital X-rays can be enlarged or magnified for a better visual of the tooth's structure. Brightness, contrast, and color can also be adjusted, allowing your dentist to see small cavities easier. If you need a hard copy of your X-ray, digital images can also be printed out.

Shorter Dental Visits: Digital X-rays can also shorten your dental appointment. With traditional dental X-rays, you'll have to wait while your dentist develops the film. With digital radiography, the sensor develops the picture almost instantly and projects it onto a computer screen right before your eyes.

Transferring Dental Records: Digital images can be sent via e-mail to a dental specialist, for immediate review. Digital X-rays are taking away the expense and time needed to copy files and mail them to another dentist, making it easier to transfer dental records or get a second opinion.

Environmentally Friendly -- Digital Dental X-rays are better for the environment! With digital radiography, no chemicals are used to develop film. There's also no wasted space of a darkroom and no need to store film, which can pile up in a dentist's files.

No matter what type of X-rays you choose, dental X-rays are an important part of your regular dental visits. Dental X-rays are necessary to help diagnose problems not visible to the naked eye. They are diagnostic, but they can also be preventative, by helping our dentist diagnose potential oral care issues in your mouth before they become a major problem. Bell Tower Dental Care in Fort Myers, Florida has a dedicated team of professionals on board to assess and treat all your dental needs. If you have any questions regarding our dental imaging services or would like to come in for a consultation and quote, contact us today at 239-332-5660 to schedule an appointment.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a small video camera that takes an image of the outside of the gum or tooth. The intraoral camera resembles an oversized pen. While simultaneously viewing a monitor, the dentist inserts the camera into a patient's mouth and gently shifts it about so that images can be taken from a variety of angles.

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